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Helping Leaders Grow

Helping Leaders Grow

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is generally targeted at Senior Leaders, Executives, and their teams, but it is not exclusive and can benefit a wider audience. It is about creating a safe environment for reflection, to be challenged and have thought patterns disrupted to create different insights and perspectives. The aim is to make leaders more self-aware, initiate new ideas, develop more positive behaviour patterns, and enhance lasting change. At M-Cubed Coaching the focus is all about Helping Leaders Grow in both their personal and professional environments.

M-Cubed Coaching

I have worked in numerous leadership roles, led a variety of diverse teams and been the final decision maker; however, I discovered that the higher you went in your career, the lonelier and more isolated you can become. As a result, at M-Cubed Coaching I predominantly focus on working with senior leaders who are struggling to achieve the results and growth they aspire. This could be due to a variety of factors such as lack of confidence, ineffective leadership, or poor communications. I provide highly insightful coaching services by bringing different perspectives and highlighting blind spots to make people more self-aware. This forms the foundations to increase confidence, create more productive teams, become a better communicator, and overall become a more effective leader.

A Bit About Me

I am proud to be a Military Veteran after serving for over 20 years in the Royal Air Force. Combined with over 10 years within the corporate world, I have a vast array of experience in both the public and private sectors. Originally an engineer by trade, I have had many different roles, but the underlining theme of my career has been leadership. My career has taken me global which has afforded me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people and to appreciate a variety of different cultures across the world. I have worked with all levels of the Military as well as all steps of the corporate ladder ranging from trainees through to members of the Board.

Through my service, I have worked in some extremely hostile environments and encountered highly stressful situations, combined with everything else, it has given me a different perspective and attitude to most. As a result, I have a relaxed style and am driven purely by good intentions with a focus on supporting people to reach their goals and overcome their challenges. I am prepared to challenge and ask the difficult questions, which many will avoid, to ensure that we get to the root cause of any potential issues or fears that are holding people back.

Before entering the coaching arena, I didn’t really realise that I had already been coaching people most of my career and I didn’t fully appreciate the value of it. I now understand the significance of coaching, the impact that it can have and the value I can bring. One of the reasons that I have decided to embark on a coaching career is because this is something that would have helped me significantly in my career on many occasions and I feel that there are many people that can benefit.

Thomas international practitioner

Thomas International Practitioner

Thomas international practitioner

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Types or Areas of Coaching Covered:

One - To - One

Overcome issues with the direct approach of one - to one coaching by using shared experiences and knowledge.

Team Coaching

Develop and enhance skills of team building, inspiring a common purpose and creating a vision that can lead to healthy relationships in your team.

Leadership Consultation

Hone your skills of how to identify and evaluate the strengths of your team to plan a strategy which will enhance productivity.


M - Cubed can help you gain various skills through training. Contact us to discuss our various levels of training and unearth hidden talent in your workplace.



Jae Hopkins – Marketing Director
& Non-Exec Director

David is a great coach. His calm, non-judgemental, supportive manner, combined with a willingness to ask tricky questions, and to ask them again when he feels there’s more to gain, is a recipe for success.

David started coaching me when I was at a pretty turbulent time in my career. I’m a logical, ambitious professional, but the circumstances I found myself in were denting my confidence and preventing me from seeing a clear way forward. Over the course of nine months working with David, I’ve gone from floundering to flourishing. His measured optimism helped me establish what I wanted from my next career move, supported me through the job-seeking process, and ensured I could put my best foot forward in interview situations. On taking up my new post, I worked with David to be sure I “landed” as I wanted to in the company.

I’m not particularly comfortable talking about myself, and I certainly wasn’t interested in personal therapy – I just wanted help staying on track with my career. David remained on topic, but didn’t flinch when something more personal raised itself; which made being honest with him, and with myself, much easier.

David’s style is very client-led – there were times when what we discussed was absolutely not what we’d agreed at the end of the previous session, but I needed to work through a particular thought or insight there and then. I came to one session in an extremely low mood, but David still found a way to pull me through it to a much more positive space. More often – and certainly more recently, as I’ve been in a more comfortable situation – David has supported my development, and celebrated my successes with me.

I find it very easy to recommend David as a coach – indeed I already have. He’s refreshingly interested, down-to-earth and flexible, and I have certainly benefited from his skills.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dave’s approach helped me firstly, to clarify my dilemmas and then to construct an action plan for each. He was thoughtful and encouraging in his approach, whilst also offering challenge and scrutiny of any limiting beliefs, biases or patterns as they emerged. It was particularly useful to meet with a professional outside of my own sphere of practice as he was able to explore with me from a new perspective.

Dave was open and warm in his approach and used his knowledge and experience to offer me new perspectives to consider. I would recommend him as someone who can support and challenge you to enable progress to clarifying and then moving towards your goals.


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